Prenatal Breastfeeding Class

  • Why take a breastfeeding class before the baby is born?

    Many new mothers do not have direct, personal knowledge of breastfeeding. They also may find it hard to rely on family members for consistent, accurate information and guidance about infant feeding.


    Research shows parents who take classes during and after pregnancy and attend groups or private lactation consultations have more exclusive rates and longer duration of breastfeeding. 

  • Practical Tips for Breastfeeding Success

    Our instructors are dedicated mothers and educators who have gone through similar concerns and complaints as the breastfeeding parents we see in our private practices in the hospital and office. 


    We have an accumulated experience of over 30 years of helping mothers breastfeed. We know what is needed to transition from the exhaustion of the immediate days after giving birth and being at home feeling confident.


    We'll give you a toolkit to understand when the baby is getting enough milk, how to make enough breastmilk, caring for sore nipples, prevention of plugged ducts and mastitis, proper milk collection and storage guidelines.

  • Topics Covered in Class

    1. Prenatal preparation for breastfeeding
    2. Why breastfeeding is important
    3. How breasts make milk
    4. How to get started with breastfeeding
    5.  How to latch the baby to the breast
    6. How to know the baby is getting enough
    7. Breast care
  • Insurance Accepted for Group Classes

    Stork and Cradle accepted the below insurances for our group breastfeeding class. Complete the form below for group class registration. 

  • In-Person Group or At-Home Online Class

    We offer 2 types of classes.

    1. If you enjoy being in a group and have questions to ask, attend our group class. This class is covered by insurance.
    2. If you have limited time or don't want to come out in the cold, book our online class. 
    3. Attend both if you learn best in a group setting and  want to keep  the information learned fresh in your mind and accessible online once the baby is born. 

"I really loved this workshop. I wasn't sure what to expect but it happened that it was full of very rich information, concrete and useful. It covers everything single  you want to know about breastfeeding and makes you leave it with no more questions and being very reassured about the breastfeeding. I'm so happy I attended this workshop! Thank you !"

- Johanna Zahra