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  • Breast/Chest Feeding 

  • Bottle Feeding Formula or Expressed Breast Milk  (cup, tube, spoon, syringe)

  • Exclusively Pumping 

  • Sleep Concerns

  • Weaning and/or starting solids 

Meet with me on Zoom to discuss your infant feeding concerns or questions.


Get clarification on the information you read in a FB group or on Google. 


Perhaps there are no concerns and you just need to  talk to other parents. No problem, join us! 


We have to practice social distancing not social isolation. 


Your insurance is accepted.

Wednesdays 1pm-3pm


As the Director of Stork and Cradle, Inc. Tamara brings over twenty years’ expertise as a Maternity Nurse and Family Nurse Practitioner to deliver classes and programs that blend holistic knowledge and clinical care for mothers and their babies. 

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